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Today the internet is used by millions of people at home and at work, as their primary source to find information on National and Local News, Community Services, Educational Resources and Business needs. developed the Community Network to serve as a online resource for businesses, community organizations, and to assist church ministries and leaders in their efforts to communicate news, information and inspiration to our network members and visitors. 

In 2000, launched “CME Sixth Episcopal District Communication Network” under the leadership of Bishop Othal H. Lakey to utilize internet technology to improve the flow of information between church leadership, local church membership of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and the community. traveled across Georgia to meet with CME members to present the concept providing email accounts for each local church to assure they would have online communications capabilities. We also began developing websites for regional, district and local church ministries.

We worked with Bishop Lakey, Presiding Elders, District Officers and Ministry Leaders to establish email contacts for each church and provided training to members attending Christian Training Institutes on how to build a website and utilize the Internet to promote their church ministries online. We also encourage members to share their online ministry presence with members of their family, friends, members of the community and the connectional through email communications.

We developed the CME Communication Network Site to provide a central location where members could post their announcements and find news and information about meetings, church services and ministry activities occurring in their region or across the CME Connection. 

Today the Cnetweb Communication Network website ( continues to serve as a resource to C.M.E. members from across the connection for news, event announcements, to find church listings, view video clips and to find links to education resources.  We are proud to server The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and appreciate all the support of our members and visitors.

Community Network Membership

With each annual paid membership in the Community Network of $275.00, will work with your church Communication Ministry Representative to develop a website that meets your ministry needs.  Payment options are available., a division of the American Bible Society, currently provides hosting services for all Christian church websites worldwide, FREE OF CHARGE. Churches must utilize template designs provided by  Church websites wishing to transfer hosts are not eligible to receive the free hosting services.

Then will maintain your website content, provide technical support, List your website on our Community Network Website page and promote your ministry programs on the Community Network.

If your church is interested in registering a personal domain name (i.e. an additional charge of $25.00 is required is ready to help you build and maintain your online presence. 

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